Titan X Pascal Giveaway Build #23 (Ended)

By Singularity Computers

Singularity Computers Titan X – Giveaway

  • Johnathan Switzer

    Always a fan of your work. Craftsmanship is rare these days

  • Troy Boose

    It’s my birthday today (Dec. 2nd) and this would be a great gift, plus long-time subscriber, keep up the great work!

    • marchingband_825

      Happy Birthday!

    • Maxim Savchnko

      Hey! My it is my birthday too! Happy Birthday to us)

  • Joe Haggard

    Good luck everyone

  • Paul Henricksen

    Thank you to the customer who donated the card!!

  • DesertUnicorn

    Donating a card worth like 1k :0

  • Shahwiqar Shahin

    Interesting to see PC builders getting younger and younger.

  • Veder

    Wow this is amazing. Thank you build #23 customer for your generosity!

  • matt mckersie

    man i hope i win im still using a gtx 480 :'(

  • David Clarke

    Great giveaway Daniel, your Client is very generous and appreciated. good luck to all.

  • Joseph Raganas

    please, give me a chance to win 🙁 i can’t live with this kind of cpu im begging you


  • Radamee Hernandez

    Definitely your work is my guide to my project “Phoenix” (Cougar Panzer Max fully upload) Your work is amazing, unfortunately here in United States is to hard to get your products…

  • Radamee Hernandez

    Your work is the guide for my project “Phoenix” (Cougar Panzer Max fully uploaded) Thank you so much for your dedication to your work and your channel

  • entertement

    that would be nice to win! So yea I wish you guys all the luck!

  • Jose Tony Pagan

    Great job My friend! Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Jose Tony Pagan

    Great Job Boss! Good luck to everyone…

  • Alberto Fuentes

    I like your work, since it is a great opportunity to learn from your work.

  • the krane

    I’m in.

  • Rupert Jenkins

    Have a great Christmas. Got to say Gleam is crap. I love your vids, I already subscribe. I’m not jumping through hoops like a moron. Keep up the good work!

  • Stephen Bouck

    If i win this would be the first thing i have ever won! fingers crossed

  • manacloud

    why wont it let me enter, ive been watching you for ages. ahhh

  • Zaccaria Chivers

    Oh Yea, Who ever wins this will be a lucky man or girl haha, good luck peoples 🙂

  • Nanang Sugiarto

    Wow…this is a great giveaway, thanks Singularity Computer.

  • Rossy Chickzz

    SingularityComputers takes for the opportunity that you have given 😁. I hope the one how is given the price will take care of it. Might as well build a new because my pc has second gen. parts on it😂. even if i didn’t win thank ypu and i will support your channel from now on.

    • Rossy Chickzz

      Thank you ;D

  • Gil Cuaycong

    Thank you for having the gift!!!!( just hoping hahaha).but hey thanks for the wonderful giveaway from ALL OF US. I want to have a same dedicated build your dping in your channel hehehe. i have only laptop with an attach 650 on it 😂. pretty old. GOODLUCK FOF WHO WILL BE THE WINNER!!!!!!

  • UA_10Madrid


  • Sigrafix

    I enjoy watching your videos the same way I enjoy watching home improvement shows or carpenter videos.. Lol.

  • Amassuo Inamto


  • Amassuo Inamto
  • Joseph John Manuel


  • DuDi


  • Dlorah Tam Atsituab

    thanks for the oppurtunity 🙂

  • Ross Conroy

    Thanks Daniel. My partner is buying me a VR headset for Xmas. Now I need some grunt to run it. Love your content and have learned a lot. Cheers

  • John Holt

    Long time fan of Singularity Computers, thanks a million to owner of build 23 for this magnificent giveaway. Best of luck to all entries.

  • Geoffrey Cardoen

    I’m a HUGE fan all the way from BELGIUM! I’m building rigs myself and I’m dreaming of having more time to be able to build more beautiful rigs like yours .. and off-course having one of your builds at home would be a another dream come true! Keep up the awesome job your doing! BIG THUMBS UP

  • tru007jeffos

    man all i got is a gtx 960 so you tell me…

  • Ayan Divan

    Really need this I have a pc without graphics card!! And no friends for more entries!!

  • Adrian Hype Gonzalez

    Not really sure if this is a real giveaway because some people use giveaway items that was bought from a friend and has that friend “randomly” win. But if it is a real giveaway, it would be awesome to win the last piece to my new build since I got hit with Harvey over here in Houston. Would mean the world for it to come from Singularity seeing as I was following you guys since The Razer Mamba Review you did about 5-6 years ago, can’t remember when exactly but it’s one of those. Doubt I will win because I don’t get much luck these days Hurricane Harvey being prime example but still thought you should know.

  • manacloud

    ah i want this

  • Rossy Chickzz

    thank you for the GPU MUCH APPRECIATED

  • Yash Galagali

    Who won? 🙂