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Pump & Reservoir Combos

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A new take on the pump and reservoir combination which exponentially increases versatility compared to traditional options. Resonance Single has an integrated Reservoir, D5 Pump Top, D5 Pump Cover and parts of the loop. 10 ports in optimized positions defined by a combination of statistics and experience. Vast loop routing options including series, parallel and x-flow. Precision CNC milled 6061 aluminum mounting system with 3 axis adjustment for maximum compatibility even in the tightest builds. Direct to radiator mounting with a universal 120/140mm back plate with 6 horizontal adjustment positions. Over 150mm of vertical adjustment to align ports and to fit into the tightest spaces. Built in fill, drain and accessory ports. Cast acrylic CNC machined manifold with the same proven technology developed for the SC Spectre 2.0 chassis including gaskets and stainless-steel fasteners. Resonance is optimized for mid tower cases and upwards with a vertical height the same as an ATX motherboard although it will fit into smaller cases. It can be mounted onto any 120mm or 140mm wide radiator.

Created with a manufacturing process used in industries such as aerospace. All components are carved from a solid block of material. Over engineered for maximum strength and lifespan. Anodised 6061 aluminium for the toughest and most resistant surface available. Stainless steel fasteners for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Our designs are consistently improved and optimised.


  • Single Loop, series, parallel and x-flow configurations.
  • Integrated Reservoir, D5 Pump Top, D5 Pump Cover and parts of the loop.
  • 10 Ports, 6 Ports front, 4 Ports back.
  • 3 Outlets, 7 Inlets.
  • Vast loop routing options.
  • Incredible performance possible with parallel configurations.
  • Fill, Drain and accessory ports.
  • High performance flow optimized design.
  • 3-axis adjustment.
  • Large adjustment range for fitting into tight spaces and port alignment.
  • Compatible with any D5 Pump including AC D5 Next.
  • Included RGB and UV Lighting.
  • Direct to radiator mounting with universal 120/140mm back plate.
  • Fits onto any 120mm or 140mm wide radiator.
  • Optimized for 240mm, 280mm, 360mm and 420mm radiators.
  • Same height as an ATX motherboard.


  • Manifold: CNC Machined Cast Acrylic.
  • Mounting System: CNC Milled 6061 Aluminum Black Anodized.
  • Pump Covers: CNC Turned 6061 Aluminum Black Anodized.
  • Fasteners: Stainless Steel.
  • Gasket: Buna.
  • D5 Pump Top: CNC Milled Cast Acrylic.
  • D5 O-rings: Silicon Clear.
  • Ports: G1/4” x11.
  • Outlets: x3.
  • Inlets: x7.
  • Product Weight: 1KG.
  • Product Weight with package: 2KG.
  • Product Dimensions: 300 x 145 x 140mm.
  • Package Dimensions: 385 x 254 x 100mm.

Included Items:

  • Resonance Single Manifold.
  • D5 Pump Top (Attached).
  • D5 Pump Cover Black.
  • Stop Fittings: x6.
  • D5 O-ring.
  • Universal 120/140mm Back Plate x2.
  • Mounting Panel.
  • Mounting Rail.
  • Mounting Block x2.
  • M4 Washers: x4.
  • M4 Nuts: x2.
  • M4 8mm Button Head x4.
  • M4 10mm Countersunk: x4.
  • M4 20mm Button head: x2.

Resonance is designed to be mounted directly to any 120mm or 140mm wide radiator via the universal back plate. The mounting system has a vast range of adjustment to fit and position Resonance for your build. The port alignment can be perfected with the 3-axis adjustment. There are ports on both sides of Resonance for maximum loop routing potential. A D5 pump will need to be installed, make sure the included O-ring is in position. A long fill tube is recommended 30-50cm.


Experience Singularity:
We have built high end liquid cooled systems every day for a decade and so our designs come from hands on experience. What comes first in our products is versatility, quality and aesthetics. When you are building you need as many options as possible. We have designed a range of products with the versatility to give you the freedom to create your own unique ideas. We do not hold back on quality to save cost, our focus is premium, high end components. All of our products are precision machined from a solid block of the most high quality materials. Our aesthetics are derived from function, clean and neutral to fit your ideas and theme.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 37 × 24 × 10 cm
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Stephen K.
Absolutely Stunning and works a Treat

Got to be one of the best distribution plates I have seen. It is the feature corner stone of my entire build. Flow rates are exceptional and bleeding air out of the system although slow was relatively easy just time consuming. Although I do have a large loop. The instructions are fantastic and easy to follow. Simply can not rate this product highly enough. It’s great to see this quality of item being manufactured and sold from Aus.

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