Protium Quad Port Cap – Acetal

Protium Quad Port Cap – Acetal

AUD $29.00

Sold per x1 Reservoir Cap.

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The Singularity Computers Protium Quad Port reservoir cap for all Protium reservoirs. This version has 4 ports which can be used as inlets or for accessories. This cap can also be moved to the bottom of your reservoir and you can use the ports as inlets or outlets. The extra ports and 90 degree ports allow a large variety of options to reduce fittings and to make building your loop easier. An inlet tube is recommended on all reservoir caps.

Experience Singularity:
We have built high end liquid cooled systems every day for a decade and so our designs come from hands on experience. What comes first in our products is versatility, quality and aesthetics. When you are building you need as many options as possible. We have designed a range of products with the versatility to give you the freedom to create your own unique ideas. We do not hold back on quality to save cost, our focus is premium, high end components. All of our products are precision machined from a solid block of the most high quality materials. Our aesthetics are derived from function, clean and neutral to fit your ideas and theme.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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