Protium – 350mm – Black Polished

Protium – 350mm – Black Polished

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Protium is a set of components for creating pump and reservoir combinations which increases performance, mounting options, flow inlet/outlet options and will be a feature in your build. We set out to create the most minimalistic and compact components, but at the same time providing the most options and compatibility. Our components are refined in ways only possible due to our 15 years of experience in liquid cooling. Each component is carved from a solid block of material on a CNC mill. Creating our different finishes, frosted and polished acrylic is unique and takes a lot of effort to manufacture. Protium is designed for enthusiasts who want to enjoy building systems with the freedom to create something individual.

Protium Reservoir:
Protium reservoirs have 7 ports for maximum loop design options. On one end is a low profile three port cap and on the other end a 90 degree quad port cap. The quad port cap allows for a hidden inlet/outlet configuration, it also creates an aesthetic feature. Both caps have 3mm LED mounting positions to create a lighting feature and lighting up the coolant, the frosted acrylic version acts as a light diffusor. Protium has an aluminum retention ring design allowing the caps to be rotated to face any direction, this is something we don’t often see and is vital for clean loop design. There is no acrylic on acrylic thread and the o-ring surface does not rotate onto the o-ring, this increases quality and reliability.

Create a Combo:
To create the Protium D5 Pump and Reservoir Combo you need:
Protium D5 Pump Top.
Protium D5 Pump Cover
Protium Reservoir.
D5 Pump (Any Standalone D5 Pump)

To create a Protium DDC Pump and Reservoir Combo you need:
Protium DDC Mod Kit
Protium Reservoir
DDC Pump

Vastly increases inlet/outlet and loop design options.
Inlet/outlet positions at 90 degrees for a cleaner loop.
Caps can be rotated to face any direction.
No acrylic on acrylic threads.
O-ring surfaces do not rotate on the o-ring.
CNC milled Acrylic or Acetyl from a solid block.
CNC lathed aluminum retention rings.
7 ports. 3 port low profile cap and quad port 90 degree cap.
Just two components to create a full pump and reservoir combination.
Caps Material/Finish Options: Acrylic, Frosted Acrylic, Black Acetyl.
Retention Ring Color Options: Black, Silver.
3mm LED mounting positions on both caps.
The frosted acrylic version acts as a light diffuser.
Can be used standalone or with our pump components.
16mm hardline compression fittings fit side by side and on all ports directly.

Included Items:
60mm Acrylic Reservoir Tube (External Threads).
Aluminum Retention Rings: x2.
90 Degree Quad Port Cap.
Triple Port Cap.
16mm Internal Acrylic Flow Tube.
G1/4” Stop Fittings: x5.
Silicon O-rings x2.

D5 Pump & Reservoir Combos (Full assembly):
100mm = 230mm
150mm = 280mm
200mm = 330mm
250mm = 380mm
300mm = 430mm
350mm = 480mm

DDC Pump & Reservoir Combos (Full assembly):
150mm= 245mm
200mm = 295mm
250mm = 345mm
300mm = 395mm
350mm = 445mm

Assembly Guide:

Our Protium reservoirs work perfectly with Ethereal and Core Reservoir Mounts.



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Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 43 × 10.5 × 10.5 cm

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Robert Barton

Best reservoir on the consumer market

There really is no higher quality of reservoir available for purchase. The polish on the acrylic is breathtaking, you really need to see it in person to appreciate just how clear it is. For this reservoir in particular, the sheer size is just, so freaking cool. It is truly a spectacle and makes the reservoir an accent piece of the build. The abundance of port holes on the reservoir caps opens the door to a plethora of different plumbing options, which makes it very versatile. Unfortunately I received a reservoir which had a damaged quad port cap. I contacted the customer service at SC and they were phenomenal. They were very friendly and agreed to ship a replacement cap to me at no cost. This is a great product from a great company, I couldn't recommend it more.

Singularity Computers

Hello Robert, Thank you for taking your time to leave us a review and thanks again for your order. We're very happy that you loved our products & supports! Cheers :)