Protium D5 Pump Top Frosted Acrylic

Protium D5 Pump Top Frosted Acrylic

AUD $89.00

New Revision 2 Protium D5 Pump Top:
Perfection is something which can never be achieved and so above all things we believe in progress. We are now up to revision 42 of our pump top as we have been slowly trying to perfect it over the years. After hundreds of small but important changes, we have now decided it is time to announce our new version. Revisions include flow and performance optimizations, thickening and strengthening. We have also improved our manufacturing process, precision and our surface finishes, specifically our polished acrylic which is now truly crystal clear.

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Protium is a set of components for creating pump and reservoir combinations which increases performance, mounting options, flow inlet/outlet options and will be a feature in your build. We set out to create the most minimalistic and compact components, but at the same time providing the most options and compatibility. Our components are refined in ways only possible due to our 15 years of experience in liquid cooling. Each component is carved from a solid block of material on a CNC mill. Creating our different finishes, frosted and polished acrylic is unique and takes a lot of effort to manufacture. Protium is designed for enthusiasts who want to enjoy building systems with the freedom to create something individual.

Protium D5 Pump Top:

The Protium D5 Pump Top has 5 ports, 4 inlets and 1 outlet and almost endless possibilities for mounting. The ports are designed to be able to fit even the widest fittings on all ports including the front two ports. It has a unique lid design with a top thread which allows the pump top to be used on its own or for a reservoir to be attached directly. The pump top is square with ports facing at 90 degrees on all sides but one which allows for the cleanest tube routes. The pump top internal design is flow optimized with a machined spiral and extremely close impeller tolerance for maximum performance. We take great pride in the finish on our acrylic, we have the clearest acrylic in the industry. Our acrylic polish took years to develop and perfect, it is crystal clear. This pump top is extremely compact and minimalistic but at the same time has the most compatibility compared to anything else on the market. It has 3 sets of M4 mounting holes on 3 sides for our different mounting systems meaning it can be rotated to face 3 different directions and mounted directly to a radiator.


  • Can be used on its own or with a reservoir.
  • Increases flow and cooling performance.
  • Vastly increases loop design options.
  • Inlet/outlet positions at 90 degrees for a cleaner loop.
  • Direct mounting to our Back Plates via the included stand offs and fasteners.
  • Direct to radiator mounting & almost infinite mounting options with accessories separately available.
  • CNC milled Acrylic or Acetyl from a solid block.
  • Five ports, three side inlets, one top inlet and one front outlet.
  • Just two components to create a full pump and reservoir combination.
  • Three material/finish options: Polished Acrylic, Frosted Acrylic, Black Acetyl.
  • 3mm LED mounting positions on acrylic versions.
  • Lighting features on the acrylic versions, frosted version is a light diffusor.
  • Compatible with all D5 pumps including Aquacomputer Aquabus and D5 Next.
  • 16mm hardline compression fittings fit side by side and on all ports directly.


  • Pump top: H46 x W76 xL78mm (D5 Top Lid included)
  • Pump cover: H57 x W75 x L75mm.
  • D5 Pump Top and Cover combined: H90 x W76 x L76mm. (D5 Top Lid included)
  • D5 Pump & Reservoir Combination – Full assembly ( Quad port + stop fitting height):
  • Protium 100mm = 215mm
  • Protium 150mm = 265mm
  • Protium 200mm = 315mm
  • Protium 250mm = 365mm
  • Protium 300mm = 415mm
  • Protium 350mm = 465mm

Included Items:

  • Pump Top.
  • Pump Top Lid.
  • Stop Fittings x3.
  • Direct Mounting Stand Offs x2.
  • M4 x8mm Countersunk Screws x2.
  • D5 Pump O-ring.
  • Reservoir Tube/Pump Top Lid O-ring.

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Protium D5 Installation Guide:


Experience Singularity:
We have built high end liquid cooled systems every day for a decade and so our designs come from hands on experience. What comes first in our products is versatility, quality and aesthetics. When you are building you need as many options as possible. We have designed a range of products with the versatility to give you the freedom to create your own unique ideas. We do not hold back on quality to save cost, our focus is premium, high end components. All of our products are precision machined from a solid block of the most high quality materials. Our aesthetics are derived from function, clean and neutral to fit your ideas and theme.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 cm

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Martin R.

Superb quality but maybe it

Superb quality but maybe it would be possible to add 5mm Led holes to fit RGB LEDs?


Reservoir and pump

One gorgeous looking reservoir and pump usual workmanship of Singularity


High Quality Product, High Quality Support

Bought 2 full sets of protium pump top + reservoirs. It works really well, and it just looks fantastic. Had a slight problem with one of the reservoirs leaking fluid very slowly from the join between the reservoir and the pump top. Emailed in, and within a week, the replacement came in.

miguel guzman
united state

best product ever

i want to take this time i never review anything but your products need to be more advertised. There is no better looking mounting, reservoir, pump cover and pump top than yours the price is totally worth it man i love it keep it up but i buy a lot on amaxon it would be nice if all your products would be available on amazon but love them

Singularity Computers

Hello Miguel, Thank you for taking your time to leave us a review and thanks again for your order. We're very happy that you loved our products & supports! As for adding more products to amazon, we will keep that in mind and do that for you. Cheers :)

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