Mayhems Inhibitor+ 15ml

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Mayhems Inhibitor + is a new product from Mayhems used alongside Mayhems Biocide + you can have the ultimate protection for mixed metal systems with the performance needed for today’s demanding high heat load systems. Mayhems Inhibitor + protects the system from corrosion and is effective against mixed metal closed loop system. You can use Aluminium, Copper and brass with no issues. It can withstand heat upwards off 300c +. It also has an Inbuilt UV-C protector so can be used with a clear tube system that is in direct sunlight without affecting its performance.

It is recommended you use “Mayhems Inhibitor +” with “Mayhems Biocide +” for complete system-wide protection. Mayhems Inhibitor + does not have any frost protection, therefore if your system goes below +1c it will not stop your system from freezing over however will still keep working.

Mayhems Inhibitor + works with the dirtiest of radiators, however, will reduce its life span. You can top up Mayhems Inhibitor + and not worry about how much you use in a system. Be warned though the dirtier your rad the more crap it will suspend in your system, so as per the norm it’s best to clean your radiators using the Mayhems Blitz Cleaning system before use.

Mayhems Inhibitor+ Comes in 15ml bottle and has a mix ratio of 0.05% (so 15mls is enough to make 30 Ltrs of Coolant).

It can have a life span of up to 5 years if the system is clean and out of direct sunlight. If the system is in direct sunlight or has a really dirty rad this life span is reduced. It can be used with most of Mayhems dyes but a colour change of dyes is down to how dirty your rad is and how much heat you load into your system.

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