Caselabs SMA8 Dual D5 Distribution Plate

Caselabs SMA8 Dual D5 Distribution Plate

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This distribution plate is designed to be used on the mid plate of the Caselabs Magnum SMA8. The hole spacing is designed for a Protium pump/reservoir combination mounted vertically onto the back plate of the case. Flow is distributed from the pump to the GPUs. Hole spacing for the GPUs is designed for standard EK NVIDIA RTX Water-blocks. The flow then goes through into the lower compartment and back to the pump. This manifold is for the lower loop in the SMA8 and has a single loop design because the top CPU loop will run upwards.

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This distribution plate fits right onto the mid plate of the Caselabs SMA8 and SMA8-A. It has dual pumps in series using the Singularity Computers Manifold D5 Pump Tops which were originally developed with Spectre 1.0. These are highly flow optimized pump tops designed specifically for distribution plates. Port layout is setup to run from any reservoir/s mounted next to the motherboard in the SMA8. Coolant runs directly from the reservoir/s into the pumps on the distribution plate and then down to the lower radiator, then back to the GPUs. GPU water-block hole alignment is standard for NVIDIA RTX EK water-blocks. A second separate loop can still be used for the CPU, motherboard and memory.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 20 × 2 cm

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