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Mayhems Pastel Extreme – White – 100mlMayhems Pastel Extreme – White – 100ml
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Mayhems Pastel Extreme – White – 100ml
Mayhems Pastel Extreme – White – 100ml
Mayhems Pastel Extreme – White – 100ml

Mayhems Pastel Extreme – White – 100ml

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Pastel Extreme is next evolutionary step in concentrated Nano fluids, being only 100ml in size it can be diluted up to a maximum of 3.5 Ltrs of fluid for colouring. If you’re after an intense white then only mix down to 2 Ltrs. Mayhems Pastel Extreme is a concentrated 20 to 40nm Pure White Coolant.

Mayhems Pastel Extreme comes in a non-leaching epoxy protected aluminium bottle. There is a 2 system cap and seal in place to help keep the product in perfect condition. The new bottle stops UV rays getting to the product giving the coolant in a sealed state (kept at 25c) a 8 year shelf life. You can use what you need and put the bottle away for another time.

Mayhems Pastel Extreme doesn’t need any additives what so ever, so no need to add any biocides or inhibitors and never mix with any other form of coolant other than Mayhems Pastel Extreme.

Mayhems Pastel Extreme can only be mixed with Mayhems Non-Staining dye or Normal Dyes.

Before using Mayhems Pastel Extreme you must clean your liquid cooling system toughly. The best way to clean your system is to use Mayhems Blitz Cleaning system.

Warning: Contains Zinc Oxide. Do not dispose of down the drain. This is harmful to the environment. Please dispose of in safe appropriate manner. Store in a cool dry place out of reach of children and animals. If swallowed do NOT induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel.

Pastel Extreme is a Ethylene based coolant, and is not compatible with PrimoFlex Advanced LRT Flexible Tubing


Not For Use with Thermaltake Aluminium Radiators. Mayhems internal testing has seen severe issues with Thermaltake Aluminium Radiators and as a consequence we do not support the use of any Mayhems Pastel Coolants with these Radiators.

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