SC Bolt Pack WC #1 – Entry Level

SC Bolt Pack WC #1 – Entry Level

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    M3 Options

    M3 is compatible with Alphacool, Aquacomputer, Watercool and Phobya Radiators.

    • M3 6mm: x25.
    • M3 30mm: x25.
    M4 Options

    M4 is compatible with Hardwarelabs Black Ice and Bitspower Radiators.

    • M4 6mm: x25.
    • M4 30mm: x25.
    6-32 Options

    6-32 is compatible with EK, XSPC, Coolgate, Magicool and Swiftech Radiators.

    • 6-32 1/4": x25.
    • 6-32 1.25": x25.
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When building a water-cooled system you will always find the need for extra bolts. The right bolts are very difficult to find and even when you find some that will fit, they are usually quite ugly. I have put together a collection of all of the bolts which are needed for building water-cooled systems. My bolts are mostly custom and designed to have perfect aesthetics, specifically for building water-cooled systems.

The Entry Level Bolt Pack has everything you need for entry level to midrange water-cooled systems. It is for builds with up to two 360mm or 420mm radiators, and everything below. It has bolts for mounting radiators, fans and a few extra components.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 5 cm

M3 Options, M4 Options, 6-32 Options

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