MDPC-X Small Heatshrink 4:1 Pre-Cut – Transparent

MDPC-X Small Heatshrink 4:1 Pre-Cut – Transparent

AUD $7.50

Sold Per Bag Of 50
  • 50 pieces of 15mm length.
  • Initial ID 7.4mm (Over-expansion > 10mm).
  • 4.35:1 Shrink ratio (Over-expansion can reach 6:1 shrink ratio).
  • Can be shrinked down to 1.7mm ID.
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This package includes 50 pieces MDPC SMALL Transparent pre-cut heat-shrink tubing 4:1 (4,35:1) of 15 mm length.

This is – very likely – the best heat-shrink in existence for the purpose of cable sleeving.

The sum of its properties makes the whole sleeving process as easy as never before:

4,35:1 shrink ratio. Over-expanded you can reach a 6:1 shrink ratio.
Initial 7.4mm ID (over-expanded > 10mm) for total clearance when moving it over the cable sleeving in every situation.
Shrinking down to 1.7mm for maximum grip and compression on 15-18 AWG wires. Perfect shaping of melted sleeving on the crimp terminal.
See the cable sleeve through the heat-shrink for a 100% precise positioning of the sleeving.
See the melting process of the cable sleeving through the heat-shrink while doing the “shrinkless method”.
Extremely soft material for the most extreme grip on wires and cable sleeve without the use of glue.
Ultra-thin material (0.2 mm at initial diameter) combined with extreme transparency, almost invisible on top of cable sleeving.
Dielectric strength of 22 kV/mm. Shrink temperature (Min) of only 90°C. Constant operating range at temperatures from -60°C to +140°C. Extremely good short term resistance to fire, especially important for the “shrinkless” melting technique.
Made in Germany only for MDPC-X. Globally unique product in a class of its own.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 1 cm

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