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Pick up this MDPC Sample Pack so you can plan the color scheme of your next project!

  • Aquamarine MK2: A blue with slight turquoise touch, which is also fluorescent (UV Reactive).
  • Area 51: When you think it’s a neon yellow, hold something yellow next to it. When you think it’s a neon green, hold something green next to it. This is the extraterrestrial color of MDPC-X, codename Area-51.
  • Atomic Green: Medium neon green shade with the perfect balance.
  • B-Magic: A blue of absolute purity, with absolutely no tint at all.
  • Black: A timeless classic, as dark as it gets.
  • Carbon-BTI: The combination of our high-tech Black and Titanium-Grey materials.
  • Color-X: A very unique red shade, luxurious and darker than our standard red.
  • Commando-Green: An olive green shade, very natural and modern.
  • Copper-Brown: A beautiful brown shade with the unique copper color touch.
  • Grand-Bleu: A very deep and luxurious blue shade, as beautiful as it gets and good replacement for black.
  • Gulf Blue: the most legendary color in racing since 1970.
  • Italian-Red: The ultimate and sexiest medium red ever developed by MDPC. Very rich, luxurious and on top of it all: Fluorescent in purest red!
  • Lambo-Greeny: The most beautiful light green shade with the maximum of fluorescent intensity.
  • Lava Orange: The most extreme orange in existence.
  • Mellow Yellow: The most beautiful warm yellow shade of the whole yellow spectrum.
  • Papaya Orange: The pure orange shade within our color spectrum.
  • Perfect Pink: The most beautiful neon pink shade in the color spectrum.
  • Platinum-Grey: The latest and ultimate light grey shade in the long history of legendary MDPC colors, featuring a beautiful metallic appeal.
  • Purple: A pure purple shade, elegant and highly beautiful in combination with dark shades.
  • Ranger-Green: A dark green shade, very natural and elegant.
  • Red: A bright red shade, intense and what you expect of a standard red.
  • Riviera Blue: sensational light blue shade of MDPC-X, typically found on Germany’s most beautiful sports cars.
  • Shade-19: A super elegant replacement for black, this anthracite is absolutely luxurious.
  • Titanium-Grey MK2: A very pure medium to dark grey shade without any color tint.
  • Toxic-Green: A very intense and glowing green, extremely fluorescent (UV Reactive).
  • Vanilla-Sands: A very luxurious beige shade with a touch of vanilla.
  • Vivid-Violet: A lilac blue shade, which will amaze you with its extraordinary intensity and class.
  • White-Carbon: This super luxurious White-Carbon (XWP) cable sleeving is a composite design of highly fluorescent XXX-White and Platinum-Grey: A pure demonstration of German cable sleeving manufacturing perfection and color quality.
  • XXX White: The most intense white cable sleeving ever made here at MDPC-X since 2007, even exceeding the legendary predecessor “White-X” in terms of brightness. XXX-White sleeve is extremely fluorescent when exposed to UV-A blacklight.
  • Yellow MK2: A fresh and warm yellow in a very natural and not chemical shade, highly fluorescent (UV Reactive).

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