MDPC-X 17 AWG Hook-Up Wire – Black

MDPC-X 17 AWG Hook-Up Wire – Black

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Stranded 17 AWG hook-up wire Black, of course 100% tinned copper, no markings and coming as a beautiful large inner diameter ring to prevent spiral shaping as much as technically possible.

Maximized conductor size for lowest resistance, minimized outer diameter: This is the uncompromising MDPC-X 17 AWG hook-up wire Black, of course 100% made in Germany.

What’s better than a high cross-sectional diameter?

An even higher one! The bigger the cross-sectional diameter, the lower the electrical resistance. Heating issues at high load? Not anymore!

18 AWG is the standard size used in todays computers. At an outer diameter of only 2.00 mm MDPC-X now brings you the next bigger conductor size of 17 AWG, because we can. The outer diameter of only 2.00 mm allows you to use 17 AWG now in the same way as you used 18 AWG before – ideal for MDPC-X cable sleeving SMALL and for push-in connectors like SATA THROUGH and SATA END. This wire exceeds 18 AWG in electrical performance while being smaller or the same in outer diameter.

Attention: Hook-up wire is a relatively heavy item. It can quickly raise the weight based shipping cost to the next level.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm