SC Custom Wiring Bulk Kit #1
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SC Custom Wiring Bulk Kit #1

SC Custom Wiring Bulk Kit #1

AUD $129.30

  • Component List:
    • 16AWG Wire: x30m.
    • 18AWG Wire: x10m.
    • 22AWG Wire: x10m.
    • 24pin Connector: x1.
    • 8pin EPS Connector: x2.
    • 4pin ATX Connector: x1.
    • 8pin PCIE Connector: x4.
    • 6pin PCIE Connector: x4.
    • Molex Male Connector: x4.
    • Molex Female Connector: x4.
    • 4 pin Fan Male Connector: x10.
    • 4 pin Fan Female Connector: x10.
    • SATA 90 Degree Connector: x4.
    • SATA Straight Connector: x2.
    • Molex 90 Degree Connector: x2.
    • USB Connector: x1.
    • ATX Pins: x100.
    • Molex Male Pins: x30.
    • Molex Female Pins: x30.
    • Fan Male Pins: x30.
    • Fan Female Pins: x30.
    • USB Pins: x10.
    • SATA Pins: x10.
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SC Custom Wiring Bulk Kit 1 is a generous collection of all of the necessary custom wiring parts for the average high end water-cooled system. It has everything needed to build your wiring completely custom from the ground up. It includes Wire, Connectors and Pins.

This bulk kit is designed to be used in combination with MDPC-X Bulk Kit #1 which has all of the sleeving materials you will need and Icemodz Bulk Kit #1 which has all of the cable combs you will need. The three bulk kits together are a generous collection of custom wiring components, everything needed for the average high end water-cooled system, at a 15% discount.

Take a look at this SC Custom Wiring Guide for all of the information you will need if you are going to do your own custom wiring:

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm