Teflon Silver Plated Wire 18AWG

Teflon Silver Plated Wire 18AWG

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This wire has a silver plated copper core and Teflon insulation. The insulation is transparent and thin but very hard and stiff. This wire uses fewer but thicker strands which creates a higher stiffness, it almost feels like solid core wire. This means that its difficult to kink so it holds its position very well, so well that there is no need to tie it down or fix it in position.This aesthetics of this wire are very good, it has a sparkly silver look and you can see the internal strands. It is perfect for use without any sleeving whatsoever. This wire can be used on its own and it is perfect for themed builds. I have used it previously in Client Build 16 ‘Typewriter’.

Technical Specifications


AWG                                            :      18
Conductor Construction         :      19 x 0.32 mm
Diameter                                    :      1.50 mm


Thickness                                  :      0.40 mm
Overall Diameter                     :      2.30 mm

Technical Data

Nominal Voltage                     :      600 v
Temperature range                :      -65 ~ +200 c

Additional information

Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 0.2 × 1 × 1 cm

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