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MDPC-X ATX Pin RemoverMDPC-X ATX Pin Remover
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MDPC-X ATX Pin Remover
MDPC-X ATX Pin Remover
MDPC-X ATX Pin Remover

MDPC-X ATX Pin Remover

$49.00 AUD

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The Original Pinremover by MOLEX.

This is the finest ATX, PCI-E and EPS pinremover out there. It has been compared with all others and in the opinion of all of the top modders is superior to everything else. By the founder of the ATX, PCI-E and EPS pins the MOLEX Company; No compromise, no manufacturing tolerances. It’s not another Modding toy!

The one and only professional Pinremover.

When you first try the MOLEX pinremover, you will have the best imaginable chance to succeed with a technically clean pin-removal. The 100% perfect manufacturing by MOLEX is 100% according to the specifications which the MOLEX Company uses for all their connectors and pins. There are none better and that’s why we offer this pinremover as the one and only solution. The MOLEX Pinremover can support you for a whole lifetime when used properly!

How do I learn how to use it?

You will get our private pin-removal guide together with your pinremover.

“Original Pinremover by Molex” and some very interesting insider knowledge about the story of the “look-alikes”.

This is NOT one of the many look-alikes. The look-alikes were created by shop owners who were not happy with the low profitability they had. They had to find something else in order to raise their profitability. So they tried to imitate the shape, use cheaper materials and low-precision “manufacturing” technologies and then hope that people might not understand what they get. At Singularity Computers you will only find the best product, we would not offer you anything else. 

You know the typical story about tools don’t you?

People usually buy the cost saving tools first to save a few dollars. Or they like to have a bling-bling box or a great selection of additional (non-needed) tools. After their experiences with these most people finally take the step and get the real one. It’s always the same story after many years of cable modifications. Just take the direct route and choose the one and only original.

I have been building custom systems now for many years. The one thing I have always focused on more than anything is perfecting the quality of my builds. Something that comes across in my builds which many people notice is that I tend to every little detail. I feel the same way about the products I have on my store. I am very proud of what we have achieved, the products that we have available. Not only are you getting a great product but you are also funding our YouTube channel, sharing our passion of computers and water-cooling with the world.


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Dechlan H.
Simple, excellent design

The pin remover has been fantastic. Though the tips of the pin seem small and that they would break, I have had no issues in all situations I have used them in.

Aaron W.
Awesome tool

I've used cheaper tools that bent and deformed within minutes of first use. This tool is top quality and doesn't show any sign of bending. Absolutely worth what you pay for.

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