Radium Launch Giveaway (Closed)
By Daniel Cannon

It’s giveaway time again! No we haven’t reached 500K subscribers but we are doing something special. I have been building Extreme Systems for more than half of my life. My systems have only been available to a lucky few until now. We are launching Radium, a highly customize-able system which can be ordered through our website. The giveaway is to celebrate the launch which is a big step for the future of the channel. We are giving away some really awesome components including a 24ct Gold Plated SC Ethereal Reservoir Mount and The Cosmonaut which we built for CoolerMaster for PAX Australia in 2013, components from Corsair, Monsoon etc. There will be 8 winners. The giveaway will run for 7 days. To enter you must be subscribed to the channel, checkout the giveaway video and of course take a look at Radium. Please use the widget on our website down below to enter:

The giveaway is finished and the winners have been chosen. I will also announce the winners in a video soon. The winners will be contacted privately within the next 48hrs to organize shipping. Thank you for taking part in our giveaway!

Singularity Computers Radium Launch Giveaway