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Radium is an extreme gaming system with a high end liquid cooling system giving massive overclocking potential. A cooling system built from the most high end components available. Full custom cables built from the ground up with zero cable mess. Close to unlimited customization

Each component is carefully selected based on 15 years of experience, to create the ultimate system. Our philosophy is that there is no back or hidden side, everything has to be perfect. The wiring is custom built so that there is no wiring mess anywhere. Almost every wire strand in the system is hand built from the ground up. We have lead the industry with our water-cooling system design for many years, this is our specialty, what we are known for. A minimalistic, clean and understated system. There is no need to show off, the performance and beauty speaks for itself.

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Art & Technology

Art & Technology

We believe that computer building is an art form. We apply our creativity and balance this with a strong focus on function and performance. Everything must have a purpose but the aesthetics are key. Our signature can be seen in every one of our builds. It is a philosophy which comes from 15 years of high end computer building.

Liquid Cooling System

Liquid Cooling System

For nearly a decade we have been pushing the boundaries with our liquid cooling system designs. Many have taken inspiration from our ideas. We create our own liquid cooling components. They are unique in that they come from a background of experience and passion. We are rapidly improving and putting a lot of time and effort into R&D.

Custom Cable


With custom cables a computer has no excess cable length or mess anywhere. It means that there is no back or hidden side, every part of the system is stunning. This is an extremely important aspect of our systems and is a part of what takes them to another level. We use MDPC-X which is 100% manufactured in Germany. It comes in a stunning range of colors. We use a higher gauge wire and gold plated pins.