New Reservoir Mount Manufacturing Complete

By Singularity Computers

Manufacturing of our second run of reservoir mounts is complete. This run is twice the size of the first and our products will now be distributed from E22 in the UK and Icemodz in Iceland. It has been an epic challenge to get to this point, and its only through the hard work of the Singularity Computers team and your interest in our products, which has made this possible. We need more variety in water-cooling components and we need more people who are experienced and have a passion for water-cooling, building components. If there are monopolies then everything stagnates and the technology will not evolve. We need free market competition so that we all continue creating and the best rises to the top.

The beginning is the most difficult and if we can get past it and expand our product range, what we will create will evolve and change water-cooling.

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