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If Singularity Computers built a case, what would it look like? My builds are known for being reserved and understated, but is this really me when I am free to be truly creative? For more than a decade we have seen the same ideas repeated. The computer case has been a box since the beginning. What do you think it would take to create a renaissance in this industry, to inspire everyone! If we have one responsibility as enthusiasts it is to inspire. There is no holding back with this one, it is a pure expression of who we are and what we are capable of. We have taken high end further than it has ever been taken before.
For three years we have been developing a dream. Introducing Element Six, and introducing Singularity Computers as a case manufacturer. Element Six is the first carbon fiber production case, it is also constructed from billet alloy.
Element Six will be available on Kickstarter in mid July. More information is coming soon.


  1. Daniel its a purchase from me when its ready Its a Honor to be able to own one of your creations I just hope I get #1 build signed buy you?

    • @Rbillyguns:disqus thank you so much for the support, we’ll do a kickstarter campaign soon and we need only 24 people to back us. so stay tuned!

      • you should auction the #1 build.

      • Please let me know when ready for kick starter I would like to be one of the first on line. Thank you for your up most best of your devotion to the design and implementation of of all your cool innovations and designs looking forward in owning more of your products…

  2. Looks great Daniel. Will it have support for some big rads?

    • I’m also interested to know what sort of radiator support this case will come with… From the one photo with the two loops, I could only see one radiator, but perhaps I missed the other.

  3. im very keen to get involved in this will be following very close 🙂 awesome work mate.

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGN ME UP!!!!


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