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Penumbra by Ggalaxyy

Penumbra by Ggalaxyy

Look at this super clean PC-O11 build with the Protium Ultimate 150 D5/Reservoir Combo by Ggalaxyy Customs. Please checkout his website and follow his social media for more amazing builds: Website – ggalaxyy.net Facebook page – Ggalaxyy Customs Instagram...
Ethereal Dual 2.0 Now Available

Ethereal Dual 2.0 Now Available

Ethereal Dual 2.0 was the first mount capable of mounting two reservoirs or pump and reservoir configurations side by side onto a radiator. There are little to no options for dual loop pump and reservoir mounting configurations and Ethereal Dual 2.0 mounts them in a...
Core 2.0 Now Available

Core 2.0 Now Available

Building on our direct to radiator mounting feature introduced with Ethereal Single, Core is a thicker and stronger mount with a more industrial style. It is essentially two mounts in one which means you do not need one mount at the top of your reservoir and another...
Wraith Event Horizon

Wraith Event Horizon

Singularity Computers Embarked on a mission to Proxima Centauri to test faster than light speed space travel using a Singularity. Find out what they discover in the upcoming build log ‘Wraith: Event...

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