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The whole front panel grill of the Caselabs Nova X2M is 24ct gold plated and also all of these Bitspower fittings. This is the largest component I have ever had gold plated. Gold plating aluminium is often difficult but it worked out well on this front panel. There are still more components to be gold plated for this build. It is going to be an epic little build.


  1. This looks awesome couldn’t have picked a better modder to send my stuff too can’t wait to see the great work you do for me. Keep it up Daniel an inspiration to all future modders.

  2. Hi Daniel. That looks really posh! Love my X2M build as its a great case to build in. This one is going to be very elegant with the black/gold look. Can’t wait to see how you handle the loop inside the case. I used the extended top to put the fans above the case.

    • Did you go push pull or just go with a thicker rad?

      • I used 30 mil EK rads at the front and roof. Both have one set of fans although, I could have probably fit push pull.

  3. That Is amazing nothing like I’ve ever seen before. I suppose that is very expensive for you to process and for the client 🙂 . Cant wait to see the build logs if there will be any.

  4. awesome


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