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SC Test Bed

SC Test Bed Upgrades

Upgrades for the SC test bed! Purchase Protiums (reservoirs & Pump components) Purchase Ethereal (Reservoir mounts) You can purchase our products from our official suppliers below: Performance Pcs – (US) MAINFrame Customs (US) HighFlow – (Netherlands) IceModz – (Iceland) DazMode – (Canada) e22 – [...]

MDPC-X Carbon-BTI Sleeve Now Available

Carbon-BTI cable sleeving is the combination of our high-tech Black and Titanium-Grey materials. This dual tone combination creates the special look of a composite material. This specific production is also a demonstration of our absolute [...]

Ethereal & Core New 2017 Pricing

We have done an international 5% price drop on all Singularity Computers reservoir mounts. You can purchase from us or fromo our retailers below: Purchase At Performance PCs Purchase At MAINframe Purchase At Highflow Purchase At [...]

SC Test Bed

Finally after 5 years I have collected enough parts to put together a decent system for myself. Now I can edit videos and encode faster! Intel Core i7 5930K. Asus Rampage V Extreme. Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400Mhz DDR4 [...]

Ethereal Single 24ct Gold

You will have a chance of getting one of these soon. If there is enough interested I will do a limited run. They are billet brass with 24ct gold plating.

Cooler Master MasterCase 5 White Pearl

The custom paint job is now complete and the case reassembled. Everything went perfectly, there is not one imperfection on that entire case, it looks better than factory. The white pearl is beautiful and subtle [...]

Ethereal is Back in stock at Performance PCs

Ethereal Single Black is back in stock at Performance PCs in the USA and it is in stock at our other suppliers. In Australia we are out of Ethereal Single Black temporarily, so purchase from [...]

MDPC-X New Color Atomic Green Available Soon

Atomic Green is on pre-order and will arrive within 5 days. MDPC Atomic-Green cable sleeving: The medium neon green shade with the perfect balance. Absolutely opaque and still extremely fluorescent with a super fresh appeal [...]