Author - Daniel Cannon

WW2 C70 Mod Complete

I love variety, its the best part of what I do. I'm all for having a signature but I have a different take on this. My signature is my design optimization and my quality. Even [...]

Streacom FC10 Alpha Case Review A look at the ultimate HTPC case from Streacom, the FC10 Alpha. This is a 4mm thick full 6063 Alloy case. It has a very effective elegant design, amazing engineering and materials. Most importantly it [...]

2500KM For a $30K PC

Every SC system has a story due to the time and effort that goes in. With every system you will receive my blood, sweat and tears, lol not really but Im sure you get what [...]


Its time for another MDPC-X sale. We are doing 10% off all Sleeve and Heatshrink through until the end of the year. Shop MDPC-X Sleeve Now

Radium #001 Complete

Our very first, very lucky Radium customer is about to receive his system. Now you can start to see the versatility of this platform. With the combination of the design of Radium and the customization [...]

Protium Launch

After 15 years of creating the most extreme water-cooled PCs on the planet I have decided that the products currently on the market are not enough. Protium like all of our products is refined in ways [...]

Radium 001

Radium 001 Photos

We built our first Radium today! Build time was 2.5hrs. I still need to install the OS and do a burn in. Thank you so much to the customer. We hope that this is the first [...]

Radium Launch Giveaway (Closed)

It's giveaway time again! No we haven't reached 500K subscribers but we are doing something special. I have been building Extreme Systems for more than half of my life. My systems have only been available [...]

Radium Launch!

Be the first to receive an incredible new Singularity Computers product! Singularity Computers is renowned for building the ultimate water-cooled systems. We have proven ourselves over and over, everyone knows that we are for real. Our [...]

New Website Official Launch

Today is the official launch of our new website. We have been working on it for months behind the scenes. There is so much more to come over the next few months. Our site is [...]

Client Build 18 Part 4

In part 4 I complete the build. I complete all of the mods, build the water-cooling loops and fill them, Install the custom cables and to the cable management, install the last of the components [...]

Weekly BTS Update #1

NEW SEGMENT! Spoiler Alert: This is a new segment called Weekly Behind The Scenes Update. Every week we are going to film short clips of some of our major acheivements and put them together at the end [...]

Corsair C70 WW2 Aircraft Mod

The latest SC Case mod. It is about half way through currently, we still need to do custom paint, airbrushing and a few other additions. There will be no build log for this one on [...]