Extreme PCs

Singularity Computers is internationally renowned for being at the apex of Extreme Liquid Cooled PCs. We are known for our original ideas, creating trends and leading the industry. Designed and built by a highly experienced team of true enthusiasts. Our systems are the culmination of decades of experience and an unmatched passion for Extreme PCs, Liquid Cooling, Overclocking and Gaming.

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PC Customization

A unique skill-set is needed for PC Modding. An understanding of the culture and also the experience and knowledge. Quality is a rare thing to see in PC Modding but for us it is the main priority. We use the most high end automotive paints on the market and can give you any color, special effect, finish you can imagine. We have two engineers on the team and do our own CAD design. We have our own CNC Machines, Lathes, Plasma Cutter, 3D Printers, even a forge. We can build anything.

PC Customization

Enthusiast Products

Our store is focused entirely on Liquid Cooling and PC Customization. Our main goal for our store is to create a collection of our favorite products, the components we use in our own systems. You will find a growing range of Singularity Computers products. We are working hard to develop our own products and increase our range. We make it easier for people who are new to Extreme PC Building by creating kits and packages of components we use and recommend. Our store is rapidly growing, we intend for it to be the ultimate collection of enthusiast products.

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